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  Why Use a Travel Consultant  


1)   We are travel consultants – We help you find the best vacation that best suits your wants, needs and desires.

2)  We are unbiased experts who share information the cruise lines and resorts won’t.

3) It does NOT cost more, and should save you money and time.

4) We are paid by the cruise lines and other vendors, NOT by you.

5) Our price and satisfaction guarantee – Only Dream Vacations offers a double standard guarantee

6) Exclusive Industry Offers



  • INDUSTRY EXPERTS: We are constantly updating our product knowledge through continuing education (product & destination seminars, tradeshows, seminars at sea, site inspections), by building professional relationships with the cruise lines, district sales managers, and getting valuable client feedback.
  • WE SAVE YOU MONEY & TIME: We have the same rates and promotions as the cruise lines, resorts. and tour operators ("vendors") but we also have access to specially negotiated rates, such as exclusive group rates, regional specials, or other rates only available to our agency A vendor agent can never offer you a group rate for an individual booking – we do it every day for our clients. The bottom line is that we cost you nothing and can actually save you money. We offer better and lower cost travel protection policies than many direct vendors. Let’s not forget the old adage "Time is Money." We also save you a lot of time by doing the research for you and giving you the ability to ask questions of experts.
  • UNBIASED INFORMATION: We work for YOU and have YOUR best interests in mind. We do not work for any one specific vendor. We research information specific to you and find for the best rates, itinerary, and accommodations that are right for you. Booking direct is a "one size fits all" scenario. They can only sell their company, whether it is the right option for you or not. A company agent can never recommend another cruise line or vendor and they are trained and paid to follow the path of least resistance that gets your money and gets you off the phone as quickly as possible. They won’t suggest alternatives that are in your best interest unless it means a bigger sale.
  • PERSONAL ATTENTION: As professional vacation specialists, we share our knowledge & experience. We will get to know you personally, by asking important questions, so we have a better understanding of your vacation needs and dreams. We’re a small office of dedicated professionals so you don’t have to worry about never speaking to the same person twice.
  • VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY: When you book directly with a vendor, you are paying for our services even if you don’t      use them. Travel agent commissions are always automatically built into the  price of your cruise, tour, or resort. It is the way the industry has always priced itself. If you book direct, the company just pockets the commission, and you get nothing in return. When you book your vacation with us, you have an advocate. Someone who will be with you from start to finish and even after you return from your vacation. You represent just one booking to a vendor while our office represents thousands and our parent company hundreds of thousands. We have      tremendous buying clout. You have none.
  • EXCLUSIVE INDUSTRY OFFERS:  We do all we can to provide you with any exclusive perks available to you such as upgrades, shore excursion discounts and/or onboard credits. We have access to incredible savings and dynamite deals that are at times lower than “cruise line direct prices” or "online agencies.”
  • WE SIMPLY LOVE WHAT WE DO: We’ll help you find your perfect vacation at the best value available. We will walk with you through your entire vacation planning process, answer every single question you have and give you the one-on-one personal attention you deserve.

We work hard to build an open, honest, and long-lasting relationship with our valued clients. That is why the majority of our clients are repeat travelers or referrals from past clients. We are with you from the moment you first contact us until the day you arrive back home, and beyond.

It pays to use the services of a professional travel agent!

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