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  Our Ideal Customer  

Our ideal customer is someone who knows when and where they want to go, what type of vacation they are interested in (cruise, resort, etc.), if they want/need flights or hotels, and especially their travel budget. 

An example can be:

Full (gross) budget - $5,000
Spending funds (excursions, shopping, specialty restaurants) - $1,000
Adjusted vacation budget (what we need to know for cruise, flights, hotels, transfers) - $4,000

The ideal customer would have everything needed for identification purposes.  Passports are required for international flights, passport cards are great for cruises, but if you do a transatlantic voyage, you will need a passport to fly back.

Our ideal customer will know who will be traveling, the birth dates and addresses of each person, military service, police or fire.  If you were on a prior cruise, the cruise line assigns a passenger number.  We require this information because our suppliers require it, and you could get a nice discount from it!

The ideal customers would choose us to put their vacation in our hands, to take the pressure off them.  They will understand that we are there for them to save them the stress of hours of research, saving them money and getting them the best deals.  They would understand the hours of research we put in, and we don’t get paid until they actually book.  They will also understand that we do it at no cost to them, that we get paid by the suppliers we do the booking through.

We are travel consultants who offer the best services at no extra charge to our clients.

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Carnival Cruise Line Supplier Award
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Norweigian Cruise Line Supplier Award
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