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When we were young, the thought of visiting places we learned about in our Bible studies never occurred to us.  Rather than exploring the roots of our faith, we chose instead to see the world and travel to what we thought were more exciting places.  As we mature, we grow more into our faith, and have found a longing within our hearts to visit the biblical destinations we learned about in our youth.


If it is your desire to trace those biblical steps, we can help.  Traveling to the land that holds your heart is something you would want to share with your family – to enrich their knowledge and strengthen their faith. 

If you are a minister or priest, we know your time is valuable.  At no extra cost, we can save you the time it takes to organize the details involved in leading a tour or cruise by:


  • Arranging all travel accommodations and details for the program 
  • Creating all marketing and promotional material
  • Organizing interest meetings, bible studies and other group events leading up to the program
  • Collecting all registrations, payments, passports and other necessary documentation
  • Making sure all travelers are prepared for what to expect on tour


All you have to do is spread the excitement of the tour or cruise to your church, friends, and family, and be the Spiritual leader during the program.  Give your church members a new appreciation for your church roots and heritage, and see your church develop a hunger and thirst for God’s Word as never before.  Discover how recent archaeological discoveries continue to reaffirm the truth of the Bible, and empower your sermons with first-hand knowledge gained from your travels. 


Walk the steps of Jesus through the Via Dolorosa, explore the Jordan River Baptismal Site, the Sea of Galilee, Mount of Beatitudes, or experience the journeys of Paul or take a Pilgrimage to Italy.  We can help you every step of the way.


Now is the time to go where your heart is yearning.  Contact Travel, Tours & Cruises to get started.

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